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Nuclear research institute Rez

Founded in 1955, The Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc (NRI-Rez) is a public commercial organisation in the Czech Republic, with a staff of 860 employees and a primary mission for Research & Development in the fields of nuclear technology and radioactive waste management.

The objectives of R&D at NRI-Rez are:

  • to provide wide range of expertise and services for operators of nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • to support central state institutions in the Czech Republic in domains of strategic energetics control and management of radioactive waste (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
  • to provide independent professional expertise for the State Office of Nuclear Safety
  • to provide development of exploitation of ionizing radiation and irradiation services for basic and applied research, health service and industry
  • to provide research and services for radioactive waste disposal, production of radiopharmaceuticals, education and training of expert and scientific specialists.

Next to the fields described above, the Institute also functions in nonradiactive domaines, for example in the domain of energetics, the chemical industry and environmental protection.

Полный материал...

Its Fluorine Chemistry Department is a part of the Nuclear Power and Safety Division, one of the main three divisions forming NRI. The main working program of the Fluorine Chemistry Department is research and development in inorganic fluoride chemistry and technology, especially:

  • fluoride reprocessing of spent fuel (fluoride volatility process),
  • pyrometallurgical partitioning focused to the development of electrochemical separation processes of spent fuel components (actinides and lanthanides) from the molten fluoride salt media
  • production of special inorganic fluorides
  • production of fluorine gas.

The main effort of NRI-Rez in the work programme within the ACTINET-Network of Excellence is to contribute to the research in the area of fluoride molten salt processes studies and consequently in fluorine and fluoride chemistry at high temperatures.

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