Baotou Nuclear Fuel Company (2) | Организации


OTHER NAMES: Baotou Nuclear Material Plant, Plant 202, 202 Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant

LOCATION: Baotou, Inner Mongolia (109.59E/40.38N).

Полный материал...

A military fuel element plant designed and built with Soviet assistance. It produces uranium tetrafluoride (UF4), natural uranium fuel rods for the Jiuquan Complex, enriched uranium fuel rods for submarine reactors, and hydrogen bomb materials, including lithium-6 deuteride and tritium. Also produces uranium fuel for plutonium production reactors. Baotou began production on 12 December 1962 and does not handle highly enriched uranium (HEU) or separated plutonium.

On 1 April 2000, construction was started on a 200 million yuan nuclear fuel element plant in Baotou which will provide fuel elements for the Qinshan nuclear power plants. The nuclear fuel element plant is designed to produce 200 tons of nuclear fuel elements annually and is scheduled to go into trial production in September 2001 and begin commercial production in March 2003.  

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