23 октября 2020

Radiation-protective flexible MATS (Lead Blankets). CLOSED CYCLE: PRODUCTION-OPERATION-RESTORATION

Завод герметизирующих материалов

Today, the most important priority is to reduce the environmental burden on the environment. One of the most effective methods in this direction is the closure of the production-operation-recycling process. The difficulty of its implementation lies in combining the interests of the manufacturer and the consumer (operating party).

The proposed project is based on combining the interests of the manufacturer and the consumer.


Accumulation at facilities (NPP, storage facilities, landfills) not subject to further operation of radiation-protective flexible mats (RPFM) in volumes exceeding a thousand tons.

More than 10 years experience in the development of structures and production of RPFM (Lead Blankets brand Abris).

Business idea

A closed process of production, operation, disposal is created.

The road map is graphically drawn up on the diagram.

Project Diagram

Expected Results

Environmental: elimination of waste accumulation and recycling of the available volume of accumulated material.

Economic: total revenue will include the cost of recycling, income from the use of spent material as raw materials, income from the sale or lease of RPFM to consumers.

The estimated annual demand is 5 thousand RPFM. Gross revenue of at least 150 million rubles per year. Profitability of at least 20%. This does not take into account the possibility of involving in this scheme RPFM (lead wool blankets) located outside the Russian Federation.

Waste treatment plant

Sealing Materials Plant

Development of design documentation for the cover and radiation protection part.
Testing and obtaining conclusions.

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Author: Vladimir Savchenkov – director of Sealing Materials Plant

Radiation-protective Flexible MATS (CLOSED CYCLE) by Atomic-Energy.ru on Scribd