июня 2011

38-я ежегодная встреча и конференция: "Мировой рынок ядерного топлива" (WNFM) | События

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 World Nuclear Fuel Market 38th Annual Meeting and International Conference on Nuclear Fuel; Seville, Spain. World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM). Contact: Christina DeLance. Tel: 1-678-328-1281; Fax: 1-678-328-1481. 

E-mail: cdelance@nacintl.com 
WWW: http://www.wnfm.com/ 

“Sevilla 2011:  Navigating to the New World –  Separating the Realities from the Dream”  

In 1492, the momentous year that Ferdinand and Isabella unified the country of Spain, a Genoan set sail from Sevilla in search of India, but instead discovered the New World.  For 

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the next two centuries, Sevilla was the gateway to the vast continent of the Americas and to the riches, and hazards, that voyage of discovery brought to Europe.  Today the nuclear 

industry is on a similar voyage to discovery, with the traditional markets of previous decades giving way to the emergence of new markets in new regions, shifting the landscape for the 

industry in unpredictable ways.  Meanwhile, in the Old World, the "nuclear renaissance" has been slowed by a number of factors, affecting not only the future growth of demand but also 

the development of new mines to supply that demand. 

The 2011 WNFM Annual Conference will explore a number of these themes over two days, including the uncertainties affecting the demand side in particular regions, balanced by 

astonishing growth projections in others.  The goal of the conference will be to separate the realities of the market today from the dreams and hopes that arose with talk of a 

"renaissance."  Speakers will discuss the state of the nuclear reactor growth just emerging from a severe global recession, how to build a new nuclear program from the ground up, and 

how fuel procurement strategies are evolving in more uncertain times.  The conference will address the malaise of the primary conversion business with presentations and a panel 

discussion to contemplate solutions to this small but critical sector.  Finally, we will explore the challenge of bringing on new mine supply in the current environment, whether it is 

maintaining the massive expansion rate in Kazakhstan or the challenges and risks facing small junior mining companies.  Through this exchange of views and insights, we hope to leave 

conference participants with a clearer view of the horizon and the opportunities to come in the nuclear industry.