Understand current regulatory, licensing and technical challenges surrounding power uprates to master project execution

With an increasing number of US utilities opting to increase the generating capacities of their existing NPPs, the power uprate market is now worth $25 billion. With an expected 36 new power uprate applications expected to be submitted to the NRC over the next five years, new projects are regularly commencing.

You will find the answers to your most pressing power uprate challenges at this year’s meeting including:

  • Exclusive Regulatory Updates: Understand the current status regarding Containment Accident Pressure and BWR Steam Dryers and how this may affect your project execution
  • Unique Market Overview, Economics & Analysis: Discuss future worldwide plans and future growth for power uprates to help build your forward strategy
  • Up-to-Date Case Studies: Evaluate the strategies being implemented by the leading utilities on their power uprate projects across the US
  • Extensive Technical Analysis: Review the latest developments regarding digital modifications, cooling tower upgrades and reverse engineering to help with your project strategy
  • Contractor Selection and Staffing: Review your plan for contractor selection and revise your approach on staff oversight and management to aid project execution
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Дата проведения: 15 июня - 16 июня 2011
Тип события: Конференция