6 ноября 2020

Optimization of the process of conservation of technological equipment decommissioned from nuclear facilities

Завод герметизирующих материалов

«The essence of the idea is the concept of creating special protective layers that have the following combined properties: they are able to protect materials from aggressive effects of contaminants, while they are technological both during application and removal, and are also convenient in operation».


Objective: Minimization of radiation impact on the environment and reduction of disposal costs.

Protective objects: building structures and materials exposed to radioactive radiation and subject to preservation with subsequent neutralization and disposal at special landfills (beams, channels and so on).

Requirements for protective materials:

  • lead equivalent of 2.0 mm Pb;
  • mechanical strength;
  • resistance to UV radiation;
  • technological effectiveness;
  • durability.

Options for the application of radiation-protective materials Abris

Decontamination perspective

Examples of processing


Thermoplastic radiation protective material Abris RPtp


Self-adhesive radiation-protective material Abris RPs-a


Radiation protective mastic Abris RPm

The width of the gap between the containers depends on the required lead equivalent and the type of filling of the mastic (barite-filled or lead-filled).

Protected objects are placed inside the rig and closed with a lead-lid. The bottom and the lid of the tooling are made from industrial barite panels Abris. 

Barite panel casing Abris

It is possible to provide additional protection for heavily contaminated objects by filling the casing with Abris RPm mastic, into which the objects to be disposed of are previously placed.



Practical implementation of proposed technologies will allow to carry out the stage of decommissioning of NPP equipment in a safe and economical way due to reduction of labor costs for equipment disassembly, reduction of radiation impact on personnel, population and environment, prospective possibility of further dismantling of radiation protection for equipment decontamination and its reuse.

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Author: Vladimir Savchenkov – director of Sealing Materials Plant