июня 2011

19-ый ежегодный конгресс женщин, работающих в ядерной энергетике | События

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On behalf of WiN – Bulgaria and WiN Global we are pleased to announce the 19th WiN-Global Annual meeting which will take place in Bulgaria in 2011 (6-9 June 2011) at the Riviera Holiday Club, Varna on the Black Sea.

This international event will address the theme “Nuclear Technologies - To Build a Better World”

The meeting will offer the following plenary sessions:

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  • Safety and Security, Effective Regulation and Waste Management;
  • Nuclear Technologies and Future Perspectives;
  • Communicating the Nuclear Message and Knowledge Transfer;
  • Nuclear and Medicine.

These sessions are designed to address a range of technical, engineering issues as well as issues concerning public communication, education and training, science and medicine as well as discussions on how to advertise and develop our brand on a global scale.

We will also expect a country report on behalf of the respective chapter representatives.

A technical tour to Kozloduy NPP Plc will be offered for the 5-6 June 2011 as well as various cultural and tourist activities throughout the period of the meeting.

More information can be found on the following page - www.win-bulgaria.org.