Nuklearna Elektrarna Krško (NEK) (5) | Организации


NEK has been in operation over thirty years. Over the course of the past decades we have witnessed a great many social changes and technological upgrades which have affected our work.

If thirty years ago our main aim was adapting to high professional and technical standards of nuclear technology, today the impact of market forces and public acceptability are equally important. If thirty years ago we were not yet considering the need to exchange domestic and international operational experience, today this is part of our everyday routine.

All of these changes, and in particular people’s increased environmental awareness, are reflected in our everyday operation and in NEK’s long-term strategy. They are reflected in the high level of nuclear safety we guarantee, in the stability and competitiveness of our electricity production in comparison to other energy sources and, last but not least, in our objectives of achieving NEK’s public acceptability.

Over the course of thirty years we have formed a qualified team which is strongly committed to our goals and to the values of safety culture. On the basis of know-how, continuous training, safe operation and operating efficiency, we are realising an optimistic vision of NEK’s future.

Последнее обновление: 19 марта 2014