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We are the SCGI, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to informing the public and policymakers about technologies and strategies that can lead to an energy-rich world. SCGI provides a forum for many of the world's prominent scientists, authors and activists to collaborate and share their knowledge regarding solutions to the world's energy, resource and environmental problems.

We can accomplish these goals now:

  • Eliminate air pollution
  • Recycle spent nuclear fuel
  • Bring the fossil fuel era to an end
  • Prevent resource wars, including looming water wars
  • Effortlessly recycle virtually all of our waste products
  • Power our vehicles with zero-emission energy systems
  • Provide abundant energy and fresh water to every nation
  • Reduce human-caused greenhouse gas emissions to a trickle
  • Diminish the world’s nuclear arsenals, turn old nuclear weapons into energy

Technologies that can lead us to a post-scarcity era:

  • Integral Fast Reactors (using "nuclear waste" for fuel)
  • Zero-emission vehicle technologies
  • Plasma recyclers
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