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Since its establishment in 1969 with the aim of developing nuclear-related academies and technology, the society has - over the past 40 years - played a significant role in Korea's emergence as the world's 6th nuclear powerhouse. Indeed, as Korea lacks natural resources, nuclear energy has made a great contribution to Korea's economic growth over the last 30 years as an economical source of energy.

Compared to other energy sources, nuclear energy is more technology-intensive, so continuous technological exchange and R&D are necessary. Ever since nuclear energy was first introduced, the Korean Nuclear Society has strived to acquire new technology with a passion for academic research. Today, the society consists of 2,700 members, and the academic conferences it holds in spring and fall set the stage for active R&D and collaboration among more than 1,000 participants. Furthermore, the listing of the NET journal in SCIE has allowed the Korean Nuclear Society to step forward as an internationally-recognized organization.

Recently, there have been rapid changes in the circumstances for nuclear energy in Korea and overseas. There has been much talk about a nuclear renaissance in the wake of the new nuclear projects announced by the United States. The importance of nuclear energy is being greatly emphasized in Korea, more so now than ever before, under the national vision of "Low Carbon, Green Growth." Furthermore, the nuclear community in Korea is aiming to achieve the common goal of exporting nuclear power plants.

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At this point in time, the Korea Nuclear Society, which sets the mark of technology evolution, has to play a monumental role. We will strengthen the global competitiveness of local nuclear technology by conducting intensive academic activities across industries, academies and research organizations. To utilize our knowledge and skills to the fullest capacity and to achieve our national goal, we will push on mutual exchange and collaboration between nuclear-related organizations. In addition, we will foster international cooperation for the global promotion of local technology in this age of nuclear renaissance.


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