The joint-stock company Slovenské elektrárne was founded on the 21 January 2002 as a new entity of the estate and the legal successor of the original Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., of which the assets of the Slovak power grid operator SEPS and the heating company Tepláreň Košice were spun off.

Ownership structure of SE, a.s. is the following: The National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic owns 34 % and the company Enel Produzione SpA owns 66 % of SE shares.

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., is a company whose core business is production and sale of electricity. In terms of available installed capacity it is the largest power generating company in Slovakia and the second largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It also generates and sells heat, and provides ancillary services to the power grid.

Slovenské elektrárne has 5,693 MWe of gross capacity (December 31, 2009) in an ideal production mix of nuclear, hydro and thermal sources. It operates 34 hydroelectric, 2 nuclear and 2 thermoelectric plants.

The Company’s goal is the safe, reliable, efficient and competitive production, sale and trade of electricity and heat; safe handling of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, with permanent lowering of the negative environmental impacts of production processes. In 2009, the Company generated over 88 % of electricity without greenhouse gas emissions – thanks to hydro and nuclear energy.

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Полное название: Slovenske Elektrarne a.s.
Адрес: Mlynské nivy 47 821 09 Bratislava Slovenská republika
Телефон: +421 2 5866 1111
Факс: +421 2 5341 7525
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