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Electricity for 1 million people

BKW FMB Energy Ltd (BKW) has been in business for over one hundred years. With energy sales of 26 Terawatt-hours and a workforce of approximately 2,800 employees in German and French-speaking Switzerland, it is one of the major Swiss companies integrated in the European grid.

  • The majority of the share capital of CHF 132 million is held by the Canton of Berne (52.54%). The remaining holdings: Groupe E AG (10.0%), E.ON Energie AG (7.03%), BKW FMB Energy Ltd (9.99%, treasury stock), other (20.44%, free float).
  • In its home sales area - North Western Switzerland from the Alps to the French border - BKW supplies electricity to a million persons in around 400 communities: economically, safely and ecologically.
  • In 2009 BKW supplied over 8,075 Gigawatt-hours of energy to private customers and distribution partners.

Leading supplier of wind and solar energy

BKW produces virtually CO2-free power from its own seven hydroelectricity plants and the nuclear power plant in Mühleberg near Berne, from hydroelectricity plants owned by 18 partner companies, and via purchase rights in partner nuclear power plants.

  • BKW is the principal partner in Switzerland's largest alternative energy production plants (Mont Soleil solar energy plant, Juvent wind power plant and the Stade de Suisse solar power plant).
  • Since 1951 BKW has been continually expanding trading activities in the Swiss and European markets.
  • In 2009 electricity sales (trading and energy sales) totalled 12,638 Gigawatt hours.
    Since 1999 BKW has operated Electra Italia, a distribution company based in Milan, Italy.
  • Based in Wiesbaden Germany, group subsidiary BKW Energie GmbH has been active since 2001.
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