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China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)

Description: China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE), its predecessor was the Institute of Modern Physics, Academia Sinica, founded in 1950. It is the birth place of China nuclear science and technology and it is also the largest nuclear science and technology base implementing pioneering, basic and comprehensive studies. It has a staff of 3400, including 660 senior scientists and senior engineers, 43 supervisors of doctoral students and 9 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.
CIAE is composed of the following Departments and Divisions: Department of Nuclear Physics, Department of Reactor Engineering Research and Design, Department of Radiochemistry, Department of Nuclear Technology and Computer Application, Department of Isotopes, Division of Radiation Metrology, Division of Health Physics, Division of Scientific and Technical Information. Also attached to CIAE are the followings : China Nuclear Data Center, China Fast Breeder Reactor Research Center, Beijing Tandem Accelerator Nuclear Physics National Laboratory, Nuclear Safeguards Key Laboratory of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), Primary Radiometrology Laboratory of the Committee of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, National Engineering Research Center for Isotopes.

The major tasks and activities of CIAE are : (1) Fundamental research of nuclear science and technology; (2) Research and development of advanced nuclear energy; and (3) Application of nuclear technology.

CIAE is equipped with three research reactors (15MW heavy water reactor, 3.5MW light water swimming pool reactor, 27kW neutron source reactor), four zero-power facilities, eleven accelerators, hot cells and associated various instruments and computers. With these facilities and equipments, CIAE is progressing a broad R&D program covering nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry, reactor engineering, accelerator technology, nuclear electronics and detector techniques, isotope technology, radiation metrology, radiation protection, advanced materials, biomedical engineering, intensive laser application and electronic information techniques, etc. CIAE is doing or planning the following four significant projects: China experimental fast breeder reactor, China advanced research reactor, HI-13 Tandem accelerator upgrading project, Radiochemistry laboratory to meet the challenges of the 2lst century science and technology development.

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On the basis of this strength in nuclear science and technology CIAE has developed an extensive range of Hi-tech products, systems and services. The heavy water reactor and miniature neutron source reactors were exported abroad with high customer acceptance. CIAE has a lot of commercial products, such as radioisotope products and instruments, fire-fighting electronics and building control systems, radiation technical products, etc., which are oriented toward market demands and have created remarkable economical and social benefits already.

CIAE has established academic exchanges and scientific and technical collaborations with over 30 countries and regions worldwide. At home, CIAE is seeking to remodel to combine with enterprises and to support the local economical construction.

CIAE has made glorious achievements in the past 50 years. Since 1978 to 1999, CIAE has been awarded 1055 prizes, among them: National Natural Science Prize 6, National Technical Invention Prize 11, National Science and Technology Progress Prize 42 and Ministry level prize 996. In addition, He-Liang-He-Li Prize awarded to 3 Persons, Wu Youxun physics prize 5.

Publications: CIAE Annual Report, Atomic Energy Science and Technology (bimonthly), Nuclear Chemistry and Radioactive Chemistry (quarterly) and Isotopes (quarterly).


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