The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) is an independent, authoritative expert body created in 2007 following a decision of the European Commission. It is composed of senior officials from the national nuclear safety, radioactive waste safety or radiation protection regulatory authorities from all 27 Member States in the European Union and representatives of the European Commission.

ENSREG’s role is to help to establish the conditions for continuous improvement and to reach a common understanding in the areas of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management. This website gives an overview of how the need for the safe operation of nuclear installations is being addressed at the international, European and national level. Countries having nuclear power plant(s) Countries having no nuclear power plants Non EU countries It introduces the important global agreements – the international conventions – that deal with nuclear safety and its regulation. It describes how these global agreements are implemented in the EU Member States and the role the EU and ENSREG play in this along with other international organisations. The Euratom Treaty, which forms the basis of many EU activities relating to nuclear power, is introduced and the requirements for informing and consulting the public are explained. For EU citizens with an interest in nuclear safety issues in their own countries, links are provided to the national regulatory authorities in each of the Member States.

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